How I got here...

Welcome to PekaPixels!

Many people have asked me how I started doing professional photography so here I am to let the world know. My passion for photography started when my dad bought me my first Polaroid camera in 90's. I would get so excited after taking a picture, I would run around the house waving it in the air until it developed into a beautiful image. Little did I know that my road to photography would be quite windy.

My parents were always supportive of the arts but as Asian parents; as stereotypical as it may sound, they always wanted me to excel in what they considered be a stable career. After graduating with 2 bachelors degrees and a Masters in Accounting and Economics I landed a job with one of the biggest camera technology companies in the world, Canon. Fresh to the business world I was a sponge eager to learn all things business and tech. Spending over 5 years at Canon I developed a great understanding of Canon professional imaging products and a love for cameras..

The greatest feeling came over me when I got my first paycheck, after years of hard work, finally I saw the fruits of my labor. I knew what I was going to purchase with my first paycheck and that was a camera bundle! I started my camera journey with an entry level rebel. I love my rebel so much that I still have it till this day and it will always have a place among my pro cameras.

I am so excited to take you all on my photography journey through space and time. This blog will give you insight on travel, wildlife, and humanity through captivating imagery.

Thank you all for stopping by and please stay tuned for many exciting upcoming posts!

Please feel free to leave questions and comments! I would love to hear what you have to say.

Cheers, Preksha